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Ranga The Donga Movie Still Film:  Ranga The Donga; Cast: Srikanth, Vimala Raman, Sakshi Shivanand, Nagendra Babu, Ramya Krishna, Jayaprakash Reddy, Telangana Shakuntala and others; Director: G.V. Sudhakar Naidu; Producer:  C.R. Manohar; Rating: 1.5/ 5

Srikanth has hundred films in his credits but he can do little in this film Ranga The Donga to salvage it. The second venture of director Sudhakar Naidu, once again failed to show anything that would list him among a good film maker. Like his debut feature film Hero, this film too is nothing less than a tedious to watch.

Srikanth has a double role in the film and does well with his comic timings as a thief in the film and also quite elegant but the miserable script and screenplay doesn’t help the film or the hero. Though there are few sequences in the film that might come across as fresh but the old-fashioned plot dealt with the Rayalaseema faction fights.  Even the songs and the way they were picturised looks amateured with the below average music of Chakri.

Vimala Raman also has very little to do in the film and her character gets even more restricted in the second half of the film. There she played the role of  the widow of Bhavani Prasad (look-alike of the thief played by Srikanth) the factionist, Raman has nothing more to do but the decorative piece of the screen. On the other hand Ramya Krishna being the wife of the faction leader just screams and gives menacing looks.

This Telugu film has nothing to offer neither to the masses nor to the niche audience. It can be very much like one of those movies that comes and goes without doing anything.

–Real Bollywood


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